We are

Ecohumanos is a center of academic thought and scientific-humanist research that seeks to contribute to the weaving of relationships that make possible a just, inclusive, conscious and harmonious development with oneself, others and the other.


Our Proposal

To find in reflection a path towards autonomy, where we observe our ways of thinking and living in order to let go of certainties that imprison us, divide us, that make us see others as independent from me and others as something external to me. We want to escape from the absolute cultural truths that lead us to dislike… To immerse ourselves in reflection is to try to understand ourselves and not to judge ourselves. Acting autonomously gives us freedom and responsibility in our lives.


The Present

We support schools, universities, communities, families and organizations that are in search of new ways, to look at themselves, to observe themselves, to find themselves in a conscious action in the present. The traditional observation of change processes compares a before and an after, hiding the present that makes it possible. We are always in the flow of change, both individually and collectively, the interesting thing is to understand how they occur and if they are consistent with our desires.


He has extensive interdisciplinary experience in initiatives of social transformation and harmonious development, from academic spaces in different universities in Latin America and accompanying various institutions and organizations.


On our way we have met friends with whom we share dreams, illusions and actions.


El Golero Foundation

We have known each other since 2010. Ecohumanos y Goleros share academic spaces, sustainability projects, CSR and systemic studies in cultural transformation towards a conscious relationship with our environment. We are united by a great friendship and many reflections.


Diza Prime

Together since 2014. We are a family. With Diza Prime we work side by side in the business field, where they have more than 20 years of recognized experience in Colombia and Latin America. Partners in learning, reflections and co-inspirations.

Fundacion Haceres

A nice project that attracts all our admiration. Haceres foundation is in the doing, in the everyday, in the day to day, creating loving learning spaces for children living in difficult circumstances. Haceres and Ecohumanos want to document the magic that happens in a child’s learning when they interact in a loving environment that invites curiosity in play.

With Master Carlos Arturo Hidalgo, president of the Colombian Reiki Association, we have a great friendship that began in 2012. Reiki evokes the innate self-healing condition of living beings through energetic channeling and Carlos has worked for many years in its diffusion in Colombia and Latin America. Ecohumanos, studies the molecular autopoeisis of the Chilean scientist Humberto Maturana. We are working to unite both worlds and bring Reiki to the academy by proposing a node of conversations and reflections on the human Being-Good.

Epísteme – The Biology Laboratory of Neurobiology and Biology of Knowledge of the University of Chile offers an academic and scientific research space that proposes a biological explanation of human activity and its coordination in social systems. From 2021 Ecohumanos actively participates in this process and will support its dissemination in Latin America.