Sustainability and Systemic Coupling

Description: There has been a growing global interest of organizations in sustainable development and corporate social responsibility, reflected not only in the increase of investments in this area, but also in an increase in the number of organizations implementing different initiatives associated with this trend. Strategic positioning, social recognition, tax opportunities, improved reputation with stakeholders and better perception of customers and partners are the main drivers of this trend. However, even with this increased interest in sustainability and corporate responsibility, the problems associated with environmental pressures, disillusioned customers, dissatisfied workers, suppliers who feel they are being run over, corruption and social inequity, not only persist, but paradoxically many of these situations worsen… What is happening?

El Golero Foundation Sustainability and Systemic Harmony Case Study

Case study that attempts to understand the convergences and divergences between traditional organizational sustainability practices and a harmonic organizational vision based on systems thinking and neurobiology, taking as a case of analysis the El Golero Foundation….

In progress