Education and Learning

Description: We see that there is an intertwining between what is pointed out in the classroom or online platform (mathematics, geography, history, etc.), which we call teaching, and the coexistence that is lived in it (the way what is taught is lived, mutual respect, curiosity, and even obligation and competition, etc.), which we call educating. If we accept this, we can say that in educational spaces there is always learning (the way of living together) although we cannot affirm that such learning is necessarily what the teacher wanted to educate. Moreover, we dare say that many times, as teachers, we are not even aware of it.
However, when in educational spaces we become aware of the coexistence that takes place there – the educating – we can orient ourselves towards a coexistence where, in mutual legitimacy, we can transform our relationships towards ones of autonomy, respect and legitimacy. In this way we learn to show solidarity, to follow our curiosity and vocation with passion and strength, to play carefree and also to accept failure as part of the learning process. What kind of coexistence makes this possible, and is it possible to make it replicable?

Systemic Study of Human Formation at Gimnasio Moderno School

Qualitative study of the systemic dynamics of the human formation processes at Gimnasio Moderno school….

In Progress