We focus on three lines of research: Sustainability, Transformation and Education, which attempt to answer the question: How do we build ways of living together that make it possible to act consciously, ethically and sustainably?


Sustainability and Systemic Coupling

We are interested in asking ourselves about other ways of configuring sustainability, moving away from a linear and mechanistic view, converging to constructs that take into account the systemic complexity and the emotional dimension that triggers our way of relating to our environment.


Cultural Transformation

Transformation and Change
Change is a central concern in a quest for both individual and collective development and transformation. In Ecohumanos We seek to understand how change occurs, to decipher what we distinguish when we say that someone or something changes and to understand what are the dynamics and regularities that make it possible and explain it.


Education and Learning

Education and Learning
We are interested in understanding the relational dynamics that make learning possible in the educational space, trying to answer the question: How can we intertwine a teaching process with the ethical coexistence in which we educate and the autonomy from which we learn?


We study, learn, understand and propose in order to make, generate, reconfigure… transform through action.

Gimnasio Moderno

Qualitative study of the systemic dynamics of the human formation program at Gimnasio Moderno school.

The Gimnasio Moderno school decided to conduct an evaluation study of its human formation program to assess the paths taken and open spaces to continue improving in this great commitment.


. After more than a year and a half of qualitative research, it was possible to understand and diagram a systemic map of Human Formation in the school. The map shows the relationships that exist between students, teachers, directors, administrators, alumni and parents around human formation.


This systemic map shows the forces and dynamics of the system, where the former correspond to elements that enable or inhibit changes in the relational dynamics of the actors that form a circular loop of causes and effects.


From a systemic analysis of the findings, it was possible to find aspects of the dynamics that are suggested to preserve and energize on the one hand, and on the other hand, those that are recommended to inhibit and transform.


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Unexpected Conversations Initiative

Cycle of experiences that encompasses a Latin American ecosystem of learning, experimentation, reflection and documentation through a collaborative research platform. This ecosystem contemplates the development of nodes of conversations that ask about the meaning of living in connection with others and the other, being the journey, the crossing, the sharing and the conversations, in mutual care and respect, the driving axes of this movement.


The nodes of conversations cover five major dimensions: The meaning of my living in relationships with myself, partner, family, work and surroundings (environment), all from an approach of conscious transformation of living and living together. Each node will be accompanied by short courses, a cycle of reflective conversations, local experiences, moments of relaxation and a continental journey to meet with the wisdom of our ancestors and native peoples.


The collaborative research platform mixes the scientific rigor from which our conversations will be approached and the lovingness from which the different stories and feelings are embraced, to converge in the documentation of our reflections and experiences in academic essays, audiovisual material, podcasts, interviews, documentaries and radio programs.