Our methodologies in face-to-face and distance learning courses enable a reflective conversation in which new ways of relating and acting in the institutions, organizations, communities and families we work with emerge.


For those who are curious and want to deepen their knowledge about the incidence of our behavior and way of living together in different relational areas.



Cycle of workshops for education, teaching and learning in virtual and distance contexts:

This course seeks to provide a space for exploration and experimentation for teachers, trainers and facilitators on the most relevant concepts, methodologies and tools to promote learning both face-to-face and in the new international landscape of distance education. The course is based on the following premises: i) Learning-teaching occurs as a transformation in the coexistence between teachers and students where the relational space is fundamental. Making this relational space conscious and taking care of it is an important part of the educational process; ii) Technological tools are instruments that facilitate a staging in another format, but they are not essential. A redesign is needed from the relationship.



From different perspectives, Mindfulness, Reiki and Science, we reflect on our relationships and our well-being.

This course invites us to reflect on how to build relationships based on trust and mutual respect and also to understand how the understanding of different positions and ways of feeling, thinking and doing, gives us a greater degree of freedom and autonomy. We do not teach how to be happy nor do we give recipes for happiness, but we reflect on our way of living in such a way as to facilitate the realization of how we build our relationships.



The most important thing about change is not the change itself, but what is preserved in the flow of change.

Transformation and Change is an in-depth course that addresses our biological and systemic condition as well as our history that asks how change happens at the individual and collective level. rather than a step-by-step inquiry on how to move from A to B in a linear and mechanistic way. We are always in the flow of change, so we invite you to reflect on how our changes occur.


We design, accompany and execute postgraduate courses in different universities in Latin America, both face-to-face and distance learning.


Negotiation: From Competition to Cooperation

This course that results from nurturing the act of negotiating from a reflective viewpoint arises from our biological condition as social beings. It proposes a paradigm shift in the way of negotiating: from a vision focused on the result to one focused on the process, from an approach aimed at closing the negotiation to one committed to building sustainable relationships; from a perspective that emphasizes what is negotiated to one that focuses on the negotiators.


Cultural Transformation for Climate Adaptation

Our proposal for cultural transformation is based on generating spaces for conversation in which reflection is broadened and consensus is made possible. Sustainable, useful and relevant transformation processes emerge as long as they are carried out in a participatory manner, recognizing the voices of all those involved. It is a relational drift that always preserves a particular way of living together.


Management elements and skills

In Ecohumanos We propose a Reflective Management, which makes conscious our systemic dwelling in the organizations, where the coordination in a common project is determined by the individual and collective capacity to make ourselves visible, understand ourselves and act autonomously in the system of conversations that configure the organizational culture of which we are participants.


Ethics, Sustainability and Best Corporate Practices

It is a course that shows a path towards autonomy: free, responsible and ethical in our actions. We are free as long as we are aware of our coherences from where we observe the world. We are responsible to the extent that we are capable of taking responsibility for the possible consequences of our actions.


And we are ethical insofar as we understand that our actions construct the world we inhabit.


Social Responsibility

Since the Foundation Ecohumanos We propose this course as a space for reflection on the foundations of CSR and the fundamentals of sustainability. We seek to develop a new approach, which abandons the mechanistic vision focused on business results, in favor of a view that takes into account the systemic nature of organizations.


We co-design and co-create relevant and tailor-made experiential learning spaces in companies and organizations to enable a collaborative, connected and conscious coexistence.

– We co-create with the organization a welcoming space where the employee feels in an emotional disposition that allows learning and reflection.
– With playful and metaphorical methodologies that allow to live and simulate experiences relevant to the organization.
– Generating actions at hand from feelings that allow new ways of acting.
– Accompanying the learning process through reflective conversations.
– Con la modalidad de co-teaching donde dos o más facilitadores estimulan las conversación y reflexión.


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Workshops for ethics and autonomy of action


Workshops for a reflexive and connected management


Workshops for a systemic approach to organizational change


Soccer and teamwork workshop